Virgemancare – Care That’s Right for You

We provide support staff to elderly adults and those with learning and physical disabilities in their own homes, as well as those in the public and private care systems. Virgemancare staff aim to improve the quality of their lives whilst maintaining their independence and individual choice.

We collaborate with clients and their families who are the decision-makers regarding where and how they receive services to best fit their goals and needs. Individuals are paired with a skilled healthcare professional who assists in providing the dedicatedsupport needed for everyday living, socialisation and greater independence.

Personal Care Support

Our Personal Care orDomiciliary Care in Colchesteris completely tailored to an individual’s personal needs, all in the comfort of their home or in public and private care establishments.

Domiciliary care can be an invaluable service for those who need it, enabling them to remain living independently in their own homes for longer than would otherwise be possible. It can provide peace of mind for both patients and their families, knowing that they are receiving the best possible care from qualified healthcare professionals.

We provide care for the 18 -65+ age groups and those with physical and/or learning disabilities. Our care is person-centred and individualised, with you at the heart of oursupport plan.

Personal Care Services:

  • Grooming support, including help with cleaning teeth, dry shaving etc.
  • Support with prescribed medications           
  • Washing, showering or bathing
  • Personal hygiene maintenance
  • Hospital visits and appointments
  • Laundry – Washing & folding
  • Assistance with shopping
  • General domestic cleaning
  • Taking clients for leisurely walks

General House Services

If you or a loved one is young or old, has an illness, injury, or physical or learning disability which causes them difficulties managing their normal daily cooking and hygiene routines, Virgemancare is here to help you. 

General House Services are an important part of healthcare that can provide many benefits to both individuals and their families. By providing these services, qualified healthcare assistants or nurses can help ensure that the patient’s home is kept clean and organised while also providing emotional support and companionship. Our General House Services can induce personal care and hygiene needs plus all the support you need to manage your daily cleaning, washing and dressing needs or help with meal times and food preparation.

With the right qualifications and experience, our professionals make a real difference in the lives of those they serve. Our highly trained staff have specialist knowledge in providing support to a wide range of individuals, in public and private healthcare settings.

Whether you need personal care or housekeeping assistance we provide the right healthcare staff and support for short and long-term needs.

Looking for Qualified Health Care Workers or Nurses?

If you would like to discuss the possibility of home care or recruitment of nurses, healthcare assistants and homecare workers please contact us.

We provide all potential homecare clients with a free, no-obligation home consultation with an experienced care professional. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate strategy for your home care needs and provide you with an exact cost estimate.

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